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Celebrating the Wheel of the Year: Ostara

It’s not often I talk about my beliefs, but in the effort to be more me and more comfortable with being me, I though I bring it more into my everyday life. Today, with this article, I’m officially coming out of the broom closet. I’m a Witch, or rather, I’m coming out as Wiccan. But what’s the difference? I’ll cover that at a later date. 

Last week was the Wiccan Spring Equinox holiday, Ostara, one of the 8 festivals of the Wheel of the Year. Celebrating the dark and light, Male and female in balance as the Night and Day are equal in length.

Much like Easter, Ostara celebrates resurrection, but represents the rebirth of nature as the seasons change and the days get longer. Symbols of fertility and growth are abundant for the festival and include the hare, eggs, spring flowers and seeds.

The Goddess Eostre, where the festivals name is born, is even repsresented with the head of a hare.

Celebrating Ostara

There’s lots of ways to celebrate Ostara, unfortunately for me though, this year is passing me by so quickly I’ve only had time for a quick personal ritual to mark the Sabbat. I had great plans of grandur for this Ostara, but life as always, got in the way. I did however get a chance to treat myself to some beautiful new goodies for Ostara from Yennefer’s Apothecary


Yennefer’s Apothecary creates handmade witchy Crafts including delicious Spell Candles, Loose Incense and Herbal Medicine. Running an excellent Etsy shop, Yennefer designs and handcrafts every item from her Scottish home.

This year, Yennefer had a Sabbat special offer for Ostara candles and Loose incense set and they’re perfect. I mean, just look at her photos, gorgeous. I even treated myself to an extra Healing spell candle.


To celebrate this Ostara, I didn’t do anything overly complicated or fancy. I simply decorated my minuture altar with a few seedlings and my baby succulents, lit my candles and incense and sat for a while watching the flames and the smoke. Giving myself some time to breath and think on the year ahead, trying to envision the changes I want to make this year.

Don’t forget to honour and take care of yourself at this special time of year, not only is the light and nature growing, but so are you. Set new goals, do some Spring cleaning, mindfulness is key, and what better time than now? Get out of the sleepy darkness of Winter, come into the light anew. Start doing the things that make you feel whole and fresh.

Also as part of my own little personal ritual, I spent the time drawing a little print inspired by Ostara and Eostre, I hope you like it.

Its available as a print, mug and clock on my Redbubble Page.

You can also catch the making of video over on my YouTube channel.

Goddess Eostre for Ostara by Stephanie Male illustration


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