Preparing for Inktober

It’s officially October next week, which means it’s officially the Inktober time of year. I’m starting my inktober prep for it at the moment and try to be more organised than I have in previous years. Every year I give Inktober a go, but every year I struggle to get past the first week, generally I’m not a draw everyday kind of gal. I’d love to be, but I don’t seem to build in the habit very well, this year I’m prepping before October begins to give myself a running head start and a better chance at finishing.

New to Inktober? Here’s what you need to know:

What is Inktober?

Inktober is a daily drawing challenge set throughout October. 31 days, 31 drawings. Originally created in 2009 by Jake Parker to improve his tradtional inking skills – it has since grown into a hugely popular challenge to develop positive drawing habit

What do you draw?

Anything you want! No seriously, the main aim for Inktober is to improve your drawing habits, so as long as you draw something you’re good. But saying that, a lot of people create their own inktober prompts lists for the month, there’s even an official prompt list every year. I have a few favourite prompts including the #31witches prompt which I tried last year.

For a change of pace this year, I decided to create my own prompt list! Taking characters from different classic halloween/supernatural movies everyday for Inktober; incuding characters from Hocus Pocus, Poltergeist and Hellraiser. Take a look at my prompt list below, if you use it don’t forget to tag me @steph68a and use the hashtag #hallofilm. I’d love to see what other people come up with using my prompts.

How do I get involved?

Grab a pen & paper, and get drawing. that’s literally all you need to do. But if you like sharing, you can upload them to your Instagram account and tag @inktober and use the hashtag #inktober2018 so other artists can see how you’re getting on in the challenge.

My main pieces of advice from my previous years failures are: Thumbnails and Matierals.

Thumbnails are your friend – they literally take so much pressure off you on the day. By pre-planning at least some of your drawings in sketchy rough form, you don’t have a mad panic attack trying to think up new poses/ideas. You can sit straight down and get on with it.

Pick your weapons – Prepick the materials you plan on using. I try to limit myself to a certain pen or art style (watercolour, procreate etc) This just saves on faffing about, it also means you concentrate on improving your drawing and not trying to find the right pretty pen.

My best advice for Inktober is to just do it. Grab a pen and paper and just draw everyday.

Let me know how you get on, ornif you have any other advice in thebcomment section below.

Thanks for reading

Steph x

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