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Maintaining a Positive outlook – Mindfulness Matters

I’ve always been someone that struggles maintaining a healthy balance in life – a positive outlook. I confessed to myself a while ago that I was a burnout junkie, but that’s only the first step in the long journey to mindfulness.

Jon Kabat Zinn, the creator of the centre of mindfulness in medicine, defines mindfulness as:

Paying attention; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.

This is a great little intro, it’s the act of living in the moment, not overthinking or stressing about the past or future but living in and experiencing the present. As someone who constantly overthinks and is forever second guessing themselves, living in the present seems almost impossible. But it can be done, but it takes time and an effort so don’t expect miracles.

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit lost, a bit down. I’ve not been full-on struggling, but I’ve not been in the most positive of moods. But, I’ve just about learnt my lesson from last time, I managed to notice the symptoms before I spiralled downwards and I’ve taken some steps with mindfulness and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) exercises.

It seems sometimes, that everything happens at once. The good and the bad, everything seems to snowball and it’s hard to grasp onto one thing. When I personally get like that, I stop caring or giving a crap about pretty much everything…well technically, that’s not true, I care too much, so much that I’m exhausted from caring. Then from that exhaustion comes hatred and depression which is where I started noticing my symptoms of burnout. I’ve taken a step back to view myself from above and started actively working towards building a positive outlook in order to combat against my ‘down in the dumps’ self.

Building Positivity

A Positive outlook is about what you’re feeling, thinking, and how you approach your surrounding world. In comes down to the way you talk and think about yourself. Since thoughts and feelings determine your actions, by deliberately holding negative thoughts, you spread the negativity through your actions. So by actively making a change, and holding onto positive thoughts you can start moving forward in a optimistic and constructive manner.


There’s a few things you can do to help start building a positive attitude

Do uplifting things!

By doing more and more uplifting and positive things, you’ll start building in the habit of feeling optimistic. Watch a Tedtalk, listen to uplifting podcasts, take guided meditations. Start the foundations so your brain can fill in the rest naturally.

Write out your silver linings!

Start a gratitude journal, write out at least 3 good things that happened everyday. No matter how small, even if it’s just ‘Took a relaxing bath today’ – hell, personal hygiene is a great positive action. I’ve started using the app – ‘Moodspace’ for my silver lining, it sends you a reminder everyday to write them out.

Most importantly of them all…

Let go of things! Don’t be consumed by things in the past. Realise there’s nothing you can do about them now, so don’t keep dwelling on them. Learn from the mistakes and move the fuck on.


So, come on now, we’ve got this!


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