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Epic Inktober Failure

Okay, so I had planned for this post to be a nice round up and catch up of my current Inktober drawings for this year. I thought I was going to do so well, what with all my pre-planning and thumbnails. I was so ready for it this year, but then everything just came crashing down around me. Inktober fail! No excuses here. It’s my own damn fault I’m failing, although failing feels like such a harsh word but it’s exactly how I’m feeling. But why? I really shouldn’t  ...

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Preparing for Inktober

It’s officially October next week, which means it’s officially the Inktober time of year. I’m starting my inktober prep for it at the moment and try to be more organised than I have in previous years. Every year I give Inktober a go, but every year I struggle to get past the first week, generally I’m not a draw everyday kind of gal. I’d love to be, but I don’t seem to build in the habit very well, this year I’m prepping before October begins to give myself a  ...

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