Craft Fair Review: SPRINGfest 2017

Springfest- first market- Stephanie and Sadie Male- Stephanie Male illustration

I’ve been thinking about applying for some local Craft fairs and markets for a while. To actively get my name out into the community, rather than sitting back and waiting. I stumbled across a post on Made in Bristol’s Facebook page about applications for a new market in Bristol and thought I’d try my luck.

I was totally amazed and thankful that I actually managed to get accepted.

I spent the night before the Craft fair as a nervous wreck, going back through all my packed bags. Worrying if I was taking enough/ taking too much/ will I even sell any of it? The standard anxiety everyone gets before trying something new. Luckily I worked my anxiety and stressing into my schedule for planning for my first Craft fair/market.

I arrived at St Cuthbert’s Church, a little after 9am to set up. Other stallholders were already there setting up which was nice. Don’t think my anxiety would’ve dealt with being the first one there.

The venue itself, a large local church, worked really well as a market. All the stalls were organised around the outer edge of the pews, giving the market a natural walkway and current. The large windows gave excellent natural bright light throughout the day.

My younger sister was with me for the day to help out, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with my first market. After a couple trips to and from the car, collecting my stuff, we set up the table. Leaving just enough time to have a wander around the venue and look at the other sellers.

Some of the stallholders that caught my eye included: Prints and Cards from Little Paisley Designs, Glass work by Palyglass, Cards by Little Red Apple, and Soaps and Skincare by Wild Grove.

And of course, not forgetting my fellow Bristol Girl Bosses: Fiona Clabon, Sky Siouki, YayRayFlay, Corinne Evans and Warmlii.


It was a really nice mix of sellers: Jewellery; Soap makers; Woodworking; Ceramics; and Glass workers. There were a few other illustrators, each had different art styles, so didn’t make too much difference. All in all, a brilliantly curated and well organised market.

I was surprised how busy it was, it’s the first year of SPRINGfest so no-one knew what the footfall was going to be like. But the church was busy from opening at 10am until 3.30pm when we closed. The original time for packing down was 3pm, but the organisers extended it as there was still plenty of people still walking in. There was even still people coming in whilst we were packing everything away at 3.30pm.


St Cuthbert’s Church – People just starting to filter through on opening.

Although there was a lot of people walking in, browsing during the Craft fair, I found it a fairly quiet day for sales. I made just enough sales to cover my table fee, which is what I set my sales goal to for the day. I did, however have a fair few people come by signing up for my newsletter which is great. I’m don’t think I would’ve been ready for a mass of sales, it being my first market and all, so I was more than happy with what I made.


All in all, it was a great first Craft fair to be apart of, the people were lovely, as were the other stallholders. I’d definitely do it again next year.

Huge thanks to everyone that came down for the day. And even bigger thanks to Bryony from Made in Bristol, who organised the Maker’s fair for SPRINGfest.

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Do you know of other good markets in the South West/ Bristol area?? I’d love to hear them, let me know in the comments below. 

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