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Upcoming show – Bristol Girl Bosses

Bristol Girl Bosses exhibition at Blaze

I’m super excited to announce the Bristol Girl Bosses first collective exhibition in Bristol.

Bristol Girl Bosses exhibition - Blaze shop - Bristol Artists - Muse exhibition for women about women by women - feminist artwork.

If you haven’t heard of us by now, the Bristol Girl Bosses is a collective of  Makers in Bristol comprising of: Stephanie Male (Me); YayRaeFlay; Jess Baldry; Corinne Evans; Sabina Westlin; Fiona Clabon and Sky Siouki.

We originally met last year at the Bristol Etsy Team meetup, and since then we’ve been meeting up for socials, and supporting each other.  Not to mention previously collaborating with Studio Cotton for some awesome workshops (Thanks again Aimee!)

We’ve all been working hard creating brand new original artwork in preparation for the Bristol Girl Bosses exhibition – ‘Muse’. Each of us has taken the theme running in different directions creating a mixture of subjects and mediums.

You can find new original work by all of the members of the Bristol Girl Bosses including a new print by me.

Muse exhibition

I personally was inspired by the theme ‘Muse’ to look into the women of Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park was the key to codebreaking and cracking the Enigma Machine in WW2.

10,000 people worked at Bletchley Park during WW2.

80% of the workforce were Women.

And yet, it’s largely remembered as a male endeavour. Its ‘heroes’ paints codebreaking and ciphers as a Man’s Game. Only now are the secrets of the Bletchley Park Women slowly coming to light. Most Women were given Clerical work. Joan Clarke was one of a handful of female Codebreakers, working alongside Alan Turing in Hut 8, and she is the basis for my exhibition piece.

Bristol Girl Bosses Preview Night at Blaze

We’re running the show for the whole of March and celebrating International Women’s Day with style at Blaze for the preview night. Including refreshments provided by Lovely Drinks and delicious cakes by Right Good Kitchen. Be sure to stop by on March 8th at 6pm.

I hope to see some of you at the preview night!

Can’t make it Thursday night? Pop by Blaze anytime during March.



Group photo of Bristol girl bosses for blaze shop art exhibition - feminist artwork art show

Bristol Girl Bosses outside Blaze shop (Left-right): Sabina from HelloCleo, Fiona from Fiona Clabon Illustration, Jess from Jess Baldry Designs, Corinne from Corine Evans Jewellery, Rae from YayRaeFlay, Steph from Stephanie Male Illustration, and Sky from Sky Siouki.



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