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Review: The Elves Box by Sophie and Toffee

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I’m always one for keeping my hands busy. I love drawing and illustrating but sometimes I get the itch to actually physically make something. Something physical and tangible. That’s where Sophie and Toffee’s monthly subscription- The Elves box comes in.

I’ve rocked between a lot of craft in my time, from felt making, embroidery, to spinning my own yarn. But most recently I’ve been experimenting with resin.

The UK seems to be fairly limited with resin making supplies as far as I can see, the only main stream resin company I came across in highstreet Art shops is Gedeo resin (Manufactured by Pebeo). And even that is limited to the basic clear cast resin and extra application boxes. But I wanted more.

After watching some of NerdEJackie’s tutorial videos, she mentioned Sophie and Toffee and their subscription box ‘The Elves Box’.

Sophie and Toffee Subscription Box

During my usual time-wasting pastime of watching Youtube videos,  I was watching NerdEJackies unboxing video of the Elves box – a resin supplies subscription box made by Sophie and Toffee.

NerdEJackie mentions Sophie and Toffee throughout her videos a lot, but this was the first time I paid attention to where she gets her resin supplies. Mostly notably when she said ‘subscription box’.

I’m a huge lover of a good ol’ subscription box, it’s like a monthly gift to yourself, only you have no idea what the frick you ordered. Over the years, I’ve noticed most of the good boxes are overseas and cost a bomb to get sent to the UK. However, after looking at Sophie and Toffee’s Elves box, the price is actually pretty reasonable for postage. Almost immediately I signed up for my first box.

I signed up for April’s box – Crystal Tranquil, and I was pretty excited. Over on Sophie and Toffee’s instagram they give away regular sneak-peeks of the next box and this one looked to be a good box. I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived…well when it eventually arrived. Being manufactured and compiled in Singapore, it did take just under 30 days to get to Bristol.

Now it’s nice to get a little monthly surprise, but do you actually save any money with the Elves box?

Let’s take a look inside:

Elves Box Breakdown

Inside every Elves box you get a little notecard detailing each item in the box. Which is a nice touch, especially if you’re unsure of the contents.

April’s box contents included: 60g S&T Clear Thin UV resin; 2 X 10g S&T Clear colour UV resin; 2 X S&T Exclusive base stands (sml & lrg); 100g S&T Transulent Food grade silicone mold maker; Crystal sphere molds (Small, medium & large); Holographic confetti (1X Dolphin, 1 X Butterfly) and finally 2 X High quality plated ring blanks.

Now that’s a fair amount of stuff to get you started, especially if you’ve never used resin before. But let’s have a look at the individual prices on the S&T shop compared to the price of the Elves Box.

stephanie male illustration - artist bristol - sophie and toffee reiew - elves box - subscription box art - diy resin jewelryElves Box Cost: £25.34 (shipped to UK)

Contents Cost:

Total box contents: £ 40.57

That’s a total saving of £15.23.

Now there’s no doubt you could probably trawl the web and find all the box contents at cheaper prices but that takes time and effort that I literally could not be bothered to do.

£15 saving isn’t nothing to sniff about either.

Usually with art and craft subscription boxes, you only get enough contents to make the one project. Then if you want to do more, you’ve generally got to purchase more supplies. But I’ve found with the Sophie and Toffee box you get more than enough to make a butt load of projects. This seems to be because they send you the full retail bottles of resin instead of small sample bottles, which is excellent.

My only gripe with the Elves box is that is didn’t come with a UV torch, for use with the UV resin. Now this wasn’t a huge problem because: 1. They prewarned customers on social media before the box was sent; 2. Because I made a separate order from the Sophie and Toffee webshop for other resin/decoden supplies and added in a UV torch, ready for the box.

Now if you didn’t preorder a torch separately, it doesn’t complete stop you from you using the kit, because you can always cure the  UV resin  in direct sunlight by leaving it in a windowsill. So, all in all a pretty small gripe.

stephanie male illustration - artist bristol - sophie and toffee reiew - elves box - subscription box art - diy resin jewelry


Final thoughts on the Sophie and Toffee Subscription box.

Overall, I think the Sophie and Toffee subscription box- ‘Elves box’ is a nice little monthly DIY craft box. Value-wise, I think the box is a good price when considering the amount of items in the box, £25 including P&P to the UK. Especially if there are silicone molds included in the box contents, which obviously have a reusable value. Regarding my previous gripe, it’s worth regularly checking Sophie and Toffee’s social media pages, just encase there is anything extra you would need for the following months subscription box, however at most I believe you might need a UV torch.


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Thanks for reading!

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