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Bullet Journal Basics – Scrawlrbox Unboxing

Another Month, another Scrawlrbox unboxing, and this ones for Bullet Journal Junkies!

I actually really liked this one even though it’s not technically Art supplies. What can I say? I’m a stationary nerd – and who isn’t obsessed with bullet journalling?

Don’t know what that is?

In essence, Bullet Journalling is basically bullet points…it’s that easy. If, you’re a list lover your probably already doing something similar to bullet journalling. You can make your journals as pretty or as messy and chaotic as you want. Write your tasks down as a bullet point, check them off once you’ve completed it. Bullet Journalling is essentially that easy. There’s a bunch of who-ha about drawing out special spreads – whether it’s for saving money, losing weight or keeping track of your current reading list – but those are personal additions. To find out more you can, watch my full video below for a quick run down. Or, you can watch Ryder, the creator of bullet journalling, walk you through it

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I’ve actually been bullet journalling for a few years now, I’m not super religious about it – I don’t spend out drawing out my pages – but I do try to keep it organised. I even made myself some stickers to help keep track of the days, which you can grab for yourself in my shop.



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