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About the Illustrator

First post on the new blog! Woo! And because it’s my first posting on the new blog, I thought I’d introduce myself a little bit and tell you all about me and my doodles.

Why Art?

I’ve always drawn for as long as I can remember, more importantly I’ve always enjoyed creating, whether it’s drawing, knitting or even spinning yarn. Drawing was always something that came naturally to me, so when it came to higher education and pursuing a career later on, I knew it had be something creative.

Where are you from? Did you go to Art school?

Originally, I’m from a little village in the heart of Somerset called Huish Episcopi. It’s literally slap-bang in the middle and was always exceedingly quiet. When I was 19, I moved to Bristol to study a degree in Drawing and Applied Art at the University of the West of England, and after graduating in 2012, I never really left the Bristol area.

Pen, Pencils or Digital?

Depending on how I feel and what I have in my hands, I generally use a mix. In recent years I starting to pick up and experiment with traditional mediums more, but my iPad and Apple Pencil are never far away- just in case.

A page from my 2018 sketchbook.

What equipment do you use?

For digital illustrations I use my iPad pro and Apple Pencil, using Procreate to create and colour. Traditional, I tend to use what I have to hand, whether it’s my Shinhan Touch Markers, Pentel Brush pens or cheap watercolour palettes.

Describe your typical work week.

My typical work week consists of mainly admin, commissions and packing orders- I try to squeeze in sketching and new personal pieces into any spare time I possess. What people don’t realise is when you become self-employed & freelance, your life pretty much all becomes admin tasks- bookkeeping, social media, website upkeep etc. It can get very tedious, so I need personal projects to work on to break up the monotony.

What are your influences? Who do you aspire to be?

That is a really tough question, throughout my life I’ve been inspired by a number of different Artists and inspired by my peers. Most notably, recently I’ve taken a lot of motivation and inspiration from Audra Auclair, and Jessica Madorran.

Audra Aucliar’s linework and use of colour is just so inspiring to me.

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

My Pentel Pocket Brush pen is my go-to tool. It’s never far away and is constantly being transferred between pencil cases. I bought it back in 2010, and haven’t come across a more comfortable medium. I’d definitely feel lost without it- it’s become a bit of a security blanket.

How do you create your work?

Now that’s a whole other blog post, but essentially I draft out my initial sketches on paper. Finalising using digital medium, usually Procreate and my iPad & Apple Pencil.

Can I interview you for my blog/ vlog/ podcast?

Of course you can!

I’d be honoured, just send me an initial email and we’ll sort out the details.

So, now you know a little more about me. If you have any other questions or would like to know even more- leave a comment below. I’ll write another ‘about me’ post in the future.

Thanks for reading! x

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