Bristol Anime Finished Custom illustrations by Stephanie Male illustration

Bristol Anime & Gaming Convention- Commissions

It’s been a few months, but I can finally show you my finished custom commissions from the Bristol Anime and Gaming Convention. I didn’t want to post the final commissions until I knew for sure the recipients had received them.

Bristol Anime and Gaming Convention commission - Bristol Anime con - illustration - character design

I love drawing custom illustrations for people and seeing what others want to see drawn in my style. These illustrations are a few of my favourites from Bristol Anime con-goers; including my personal favourite, Caleb from Critical Role’s Mighty Nein.

All con commissions I complete are originals, fully coloured using pens and alcohol markers. Every commissioner becomes the sole owner of original custom artwork by Stephanie Male.

Would you like to own your own character commission? Why not send me an email and let’s collaborate on a commission! Click here.

Thanks for reading! x

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