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Illustration Process – Hiring Me

How do I hire an illustrator? What’s Stephanie Male’s illustration process?

Not everyone has hired an illustrator, in fact, most people probably haven’t. It’s not exactly like hiring a plumber to fix your sink – but it’s not dissimilar either. You still contact the professional with your needs, discuss quotes and make adjustments, but the illustration process differs from there.

So whether you’re after a personal family portrait or wanting to hire me for a editorial illustration, keep reading to discover my illustration process.

Step 1- The Details

After your initial email request, we’ll discuss your budget and any further details about the commission.

This includes:

  • What type of illustration your after (lineart, logo, digital illustration or even personal birthday badges)
  • What the illustration will be used for (personal/ commercial)
  • When you need the illustration completed by.

Step 2- The Agreement

Once everything has been agreed upon, I’ll send you over my Contract to read through- but don’t worry, it’s nothing scary, you won’t be signing your life away.

My Terms & Conditions are set out protect both yourself and me, they’re a standard legal document, my Contract has been adapted from The Association of Illustrators standard Terms & Conditions.

You can expect such details included as the project schedule, the cost breakdown, specifics regarding the execution of the artwork, payment deliverable, all the details of what we both are obligated to do over the course of our working together.

We can always discuss any details you don’t feel comfortable or unsure about- there’s no rush to sign it, read it at your leisure.

Step 3- The Drafts

Roughs from ‘Back to the Spaceport’ Zine Commission.

Depending on what we agreed upon in Step 1, I will usually spend a few days sketching out a number of rough designs.

As these are Rough designs- they’re not meant to be pretty, they’re literally rough and ready. These are generally just to give you a feel for the design and composition.

Out of those rough designs, I will email you with 3-5 rough sketches. From these Roughs, pick your favourite and let me know what you like/dislike about the designs. This helps me to progress with the illustration, ensuring it’s just what you’re after.

Step 4- The Final Countdown

After picking your favourite Rough, I’ll spend the next few days working on the finished illustration. These still might be rough around the edges or uncoloured- but don’t worry there’s still time to make adjustments. Once I’m finished tweaking and sketching this part, I’ll send it over to you for approval before working on your final finished artwork.

Step 5- Fin

Your Illustration is finished! Yay! Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I enjoyed making it. At this stage I’ll send you the illustration in the method we agreed- either as a high-res file or an original print.

I love working on new and exciting projects, so now you know my process, why not send me an email and hire me as an illustrator.

Thanks for reading! x

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