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Meiliang Watercolour Review

Buying new Art supplies is a beloved past time of mine, and so recently I had to treat myself to this new Meiliang Watercolour palette from Amazon.

I discovered this Watercolour set via JacquelinDeleon’s Youtube channel. I knew I had to get a set when I saw the vivid colours. Especially, after I found out it was also a reasonably priced palette.

You can grab the palette yourself via Amazon: *

Now, I’m not an expert with Watercolours. I used them a fair amount during my early teens, I never really used them for more than a simple background wash. But to truly test this palette, I wanted to do a more in-depth watercolour illustration.

Including a swatch card in the palette was a rather handy addition. New to swatching paints? The main reason for making a swatch card is to discover and document a paint actual colour. Most paint colours will change between dried solid form and once they’re used on paper.

A few of the colours are of similar shades and pigments, which you can see in the video below, but the colours are vibrant and lush.

watercolour for beginners - swatch test - mei liang watercolour review - stephanie male

I really enjoyed painting with the Mei Liang Watercolour palette overall. The colours are vibrant and highly pigmented. I found they don’t dry chalky which was great given the intensity of the colours. They activate easily without the need for copious amounts of water, and pigment pick up was quick and easy – no scrubbing at the paints with the brush. The water brush included was a really nice touch as well.

Check out my video above to see the Meiliang watercolours in action.

Thanks for reading! x

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