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Essential books for Aspiring Illustrators

Trying to find the perfect book for illustrators through an over-crowded market for books can be difficult. Trying to find books for guidance on taking illustration as a career, or even trying to find books to motivate can be difficult. Try searching illustration books on Amazon and the top books and you’ll be overloaded. And …

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Princess Mononoke Print Character Design Process

Princess Mononoke Print design process - illustration step by step gif by Stephanie Male

I’m having an amazing month at the moment, it’s been amazing because I’ve found myself being really inspired and motivated. So, I’ve decided to jump on it and get a move on for my next convention: the Cardiff Anime and Gaming Convention on August 17 & 18th. So, cue some good ol’ Princess Mononoke fan …

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#Drawthisinyourstyle: Lara Pickle Redraw

Stephanie Male illustration recreates Lara Pickle's character design Milk Mermaid

Never one to turn down an Art challenge, I came across the #drawthisinyourstyle hashtag on Instagram and had to get involved. The ‘Draw this in your style’ Art challenge is pretty much what it says on the proverbial tin. Artists challenge others to redraw their original illustrations in their own style. This is actually a …

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Illustration Process – Hiring Me

custom illustration commission - hire an illustrator Stephanie Male artist Bristol

How do I hire an illustrator? What’s Stephanie Male’s illustration process? Not everyone has hired an illustrator, in fact, most people probably haven’t. It’s not exactly like hiring a plumber to fix your sink – but it’s not dissimilar either. You still contact the professional with your needs, discuss quotes and make adjustments, but the …

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Bristol Anime & Gaming Convention- Commissions

Bristol Anime Finished Custom illustrations by Stephanie Male illustration

It’s been a few months, but I can finally show you my finished custom commissions from the Bristol Anime and Gaming Convention. I didn’t want to post the final commissions until I knew for sure the recipients had received them. I love drawing custom illustrations for people and seeing what others want to see drawn …