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Lazy Cat Skull Pin-back Badge 



Cat Skull Pin Badge – For Cute Goths and Sailor Moon Fans.

Big fan of Sailor Moon but a little too goth to show it? This Cat on Skull badge is your new best friend. Design inspired by the Luna the Sailor Moon Cat, but a little more hardcore.

Get them it in either 38mm of Giant 77mm pin badge sizes.

So much care and love and thought went into them, from the hand-pressed badge to all the tiny little details in the design itself. Just look at its podgy little face!  Ahem, got a bit carried away there. I can’t help it, it just looks so cute.

Adorable alone, but even better with the rest of the gang. Your best choice is to get the lot tbh.

Much easier than trawling for hours on Etsy to find several separate pins that look good combined. Believe me, I know the struggle. Plus, only one postage to pay instead of several. Winner.

Warning: may induce the desire to start a girl gang and get matching jackets like the Pink Ladies in Grease.

Every badge is printed and hand-pressed by Stephanie Male illustration in her tiny home studio in Bristol.



Product Features:


— Available in 38mm & Giant 77mm pin badge size.

— Illustration by Stephanie Male

— Printed and pressed in Bristol, UK.

— Superb level of detail, some proper intricate drawing right there

— Inspired by Luna, the Sailor Moon cat.

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38mm, 77mm


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