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Empire of Storms (ToG) – Book of the Month

You may remember me mentioning an author called Sarah J Maas previously in my Top 5 YA Fantasy series to escape reality post, well she’s got another fantastic series for you to explore: Throne of Glass. I’m currently on Empire of Storms, Book Six of the series and I love it. I’m actually re-reading the series in preparation for the final book release tomorrow, and I honestly can’t wait to finish it.

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Top 3 YA Fantasy to escape from reality.

  I mentioned in my last post that relaxing and reading helped me to chill the frick out. Well I’m going to start to give you my awesome list of amazing YA fantasy books and authors that I regularly read. This post started out being my Top 5 books, but as I kept looking at my overloaded bookshelf I kept adding more and more titles. I’ve somehow managed to cut my list down, I’ve even added a subcategory. It’s now my Top 3 books to escape from reality and into  ...

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